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children's program in Warth am Arlberg

Children's program

There are always a lot of fun, interesting and educational activities for our youngest guests 

summer family holiday in Warth

 Warth-Scröcken offers many adventure playgrounds to create variety in the leisure time of the little adventurers.
With Murmele's hiking trail, all of Warth-Schröcken is yours!
This stamp collecting special encourages for little tourists to explore the mountains, because a wonderful surprise awaits them at the end.

Climbing courses for children

Murmele climbing route
This is always fun for the little ones!
There is a climbing garden Schrofenwiesin in Warth-Leсhleiten. Climbing for the little ones with a lot of funny activities, where the youngest can make their first experiences!

adventure park for children in Warth

An excursion "The Indiana Jones Cave Tour". A whole day full of adventure! A hike through the forest with various obstacles: a passage with the Flying Fox over a large canyon more than 40 metres deep, a journey through the enchanted forest to the Silver Cave of Empress Sissi. If it rains, the Silver Cave is an unforgettable experience!
Duration of the tour: 2 hours, suitable for families with children from 7 years, price: € 25 per participant, please don't forget waterproof clothing and shoes.

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