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Canyoning in Lech river

Nature Adventure Canyoning

There is no better way to experience dreamlike rivers like the Lech, or the Bregenzerache up close: canyoning takes you along steep rocks, through picturesque natural pools and even down a waterfall. There is also a weekly mini- and teen-canyoning tour for our youngest guests.

Canyoning in Arlberg

The canyoning participants are instructed in the correct kicking technique by state-certified canyoning guides in dry training.

Canyoning tours are divided into different levels of difficulty.

The "Canyon Spuller" with short descents, for example, is an ideal canyon for beginners and the whole family.

Canyoning in the Alps

"Hard Rock I-IV", the gorge between Nesslegg and Schröcken, impresses with its varied route. Here, participants can expect slides, various climbing routes, eight waterfalls and, for the very brave, a 40-metre-high waterfall as the crowning finale, from which those who dare can parachute down.

Canyoning with guides

On the mini-canyoning tour for brave children from 8 years and teen canyoning tour from 12 years, you will be equipped with a climbing harness and helmet, as well as all the important instructions for safely crossing the canyon. 

Mini-canyoning €29,- Teenie tour € 39,- depending on the number of participants, an adult experience in the canyon costs between 75 and 100 euros.

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